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Interesting site to check out Just a quick note to share with you a site that offers free web templates . This was shared with me by a friend and member and my personal favorite is called " deep ". It seems a bit flash intensive but it's really pretty cool. " Stepping Stone " is another clean and neat template although my 50+ year old eyes need darker text to make it work for me. Have fun, stay close to Christ and say a good word about Jesus today to someone else. Peace

Prayer Summits and Coming Home

Just returned from the Portland Pastor’s Prayer Summit at Cannon Beach and first of all I will talk in only vague generalities and speak of myself to preserve those who were also there. Here’s my list of observations about the time: It was memorable, not in an earthshaking sort of way, but in the quiet, deeply touching way. It was touching. I had the opportunity to be supported by a brother in Christ in a way that I’ve missed for a long time. Part of that was a sense of being set free enough to do something about the areas in which I sense the Lord speaking to me. I was affirmed in my decision to cultivate relationships with those outside of my denominational box. There is a wealth of experience, love, support, ideas and thoughts out there which are not labeled “Presbyterian”. And much of it is very good. I will go back again. There is little to add to this. I’m working on a piece about the twisted state of the environmental climate here in the Portland area. When I have my evidence in
Help for the Artisically Challenged I have a bit of artistic sense but not a great deal of talent. I know what colors are and my male volcaulary of colors include "peace", "aqua" and "seafoam". But I am not one who can make the photos I want come out like I saw it. Heck, as a kid, I had trouble with the color by numbers sets. That's why I ran across a site that is better than nice, it's useful. It has free PowerPoint and backgrounds for screen use. Yes, I know PowerPoint may not be cutting edge in a world of flash, CGI and other digital art but you use what you've got. For some congregations PowerPoint is radical. This site, offers a lot to consider and look over. I'm not affiliated with them at all but just thought I'd pass on the help where I find it. BTW if you're sick of either alternative Christian music, or the constant appeals for money that seem to be the stapel of "commercial free" Christian r