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RIP Larry Norman

Larry is one of those who was never afraid to call us to truth. Before there was emergent there was Larry. Take heart Presbys there are those who hold to One Way . He was in chapel at Fuller Seminary and lambasted us for not being out in the streets talking to the world about Jesus instead of sitting in class. I remember feeling somewhat embarrassed for him and defensive for those us paying good money for our education. The truth was that he was probably much more right than I gave him credit for. Loved his life, Loved his witness and Loved his music. Alan

ER and Truth

If you haven't seen this video yet you've missed out. Take a look and ask what you hear, preach, think or believe. Alan

Pastor Straton's Story

Saw this video at Sunset and hadn't found it till now. It's moving, telling and very, very true for us too. Take six and a half minutes and watch something that will change your life. Video

World Vision Aids Experience

Our little congregation is going to be fielding a number of volunteers to help Sunset Presbyterian Church host the World Vision Experience Aids this coming April. There are other areas where this will be hosted as well so check it out and attend one of these. In the meantime check out this video:

Meth and Fox News

It's pretty much the same old news at 10:00 tonight. Vandalism, trials and a "breaking news" story. Along with "Fox's Most Wanted" we have our "Meth Watch" segment as I'm sure others do. My number 1 son put it all in perspective however when he said, "It's pretty sad when your news has it's own meth watch logo." Couldn't have said it better my self kid. Alan


Nothing profound. Just wanted to thank Presbyterian Gal for the cat. It's cute. If only I knew enough to turn it into a calico I could have Callie* on my blog. Alan *when she's in one of her moods it's spelled KALI.

The Trinity

The issue of the Trinity Paper is, as Charles Wiley says, "a sad irony". He admits the committee could have clearly shown the language used was part of "an ancient and medieval way of talking about God as Trinity". Yet that might be difficult since of the 12 statements of trinitarian formulas in lines 394-247 only two of them are referenced as being from " an ancient and medieval " period of time. In fact, other than the references to John of Damascus and Augustine the only other references are to the Book of Common Worship and a 2004 work by Gail Ramshaw. Bible references are given but no other sources for trinitarian statements like, Compassionate Mother, God is Giver, Gift, and Giving; or Fire that Consumes, Sword that Divides, and Storm that Melts Mountains I am afraid that many people who watch this video will never read the Trinity paper. That is a shame because I believe this video could have done more good addressing the concern about dis

Essential Tenents

Continuing to comment on the video that has come from the powers-that-be* we move to a very short segment on Essential Tenets. If you scroll down the above link you can view just this portion. I've included the transcript of what is said below my comments. Please watch the video. I feel like the whole question of essential tenets was swept under the carpet in this segment. What's worse it is at the very root of the current situation and crisis within the denomination. Watch the video because I believe some of the body language and vocalizations say a lot more than just the words. It felt to me as if it were a throw away question. It was asked so when questioned by others the pob's (see * above) can say, "we dealt with that in a video segment already." I believe the force of this segment is to make essential tenets seem not all that important for leaders in the PC(USA). Joe Small downplays the importance of the ordination question which asks: Do you since

What is a denomination?

With movement happening in Peace River and Cascades Presbytery I thought it might be a good time to go through what we're hearing from Louisville. This is the first in a series of responses to the recently released video . With more than a few congregations looking at withdrawing and headed another direction I found it sort of interesting that this apologetic started around the question of, "W hat is a denomination anyway ?" The reason for this starting place is to place what follows within the context of history and to show the rich, varied and unified past that we share as Presbyterians. Joe Small , Director Theology, Worship and Education , talk of the denomination as "give us by our mothers and fathers" and of being "bequeathed to us." He speaks of faith worship and mission as "shared" but not "identical" then explains sharing actually means "broadly shared convictions". He totally ignored the fact that our curre