Wednesday, October 31

A Difference of Note

Being properly shamed into posting…thanks Toby, this one will be a couple of quick observations about the New Wineskins Convocation. Part of the meeting involved a "NWEPC Support Network Meeting" [Presbytery]. The docket and paper work was one page. If this sort of thing happened in Cascades, Staples, Office Max, and the whole lumber industry would be hurting more than they already are. Second, as Toby stated, Prayer was central, constant and a holy experience of the presence of the Father. Third, for me the biggie, there remains a sense of trust between our congregations. In Cascades, I've heard questions being followed by long, disruptive discussion. Similar questions at the convocation were met with, can we visit about those changes later and a head nod. There was no sense of dread about what may come out of the visit.

John Shuck, IMHO a wannabe theologian, has dubbed us New Winos; so be it. I would much rather be lumped into that category than the liberal wienie, whiners who seem to think "We are the World," Hillary Clinton, and boycotting the latest fast food chain will usher in the Kingdom of heaven. In the movie "Shallow Hal" Jack Black undergoes a life changing experience as he comes to experience and see truth. On the other hand the liberals, Jason Alexander, remains shallow and attempts to destroy the transformation. New Wineskins is the place in which we've experienced and seen the truth of what it means to be recaptured by Christ. We're not trying to make the Bible say what we want it to say. We're not trying to make God into our image. We're just happy remaining in His presence and following He who has adopted us.

If that steps on the toes of my progressive, socially engaged, liberal, and denominationally lock-stepped sisters and brothers in Christ tough.