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The Voting Continues

Jack Haberer wrote an interesting piece on the PC(USA)'s ongoing vote. In the interest of full disclosure, I no longer have a dog in this fight, but if I were still part of the PC(USA) I'd push to change the wording and here's why? 1. It would stop the fighting. The liberals would have finally won and the denomination would have a pretty clear picture in what direction lies its future. 2. It would stop the spin cycle from the right. There will be NO constitutional reason to deny ordination to practicing gay and lesbians, Buddhists or anyone else. 3. Many congregations will face the hard choice which they have not wanted to face before. Leave or stay and be less than they were called to be. 4. Some "tall steeple" pastors will have to decide if they are willing to spend the energy, time and theological work to lead their congregations into a new place or to wait out their years till retirement. Here is what I pray happens in the PC(USA). First, as the amendment pass