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North to Alaska

John Wayne went way up North in 1960 . I remember seeing the movie with my parents at the Rancho Drive-in which was down tank-farm hill in San Pablo. Well my bride and I are gone for seven days and then fellowship camp with Kenton. We'll miss you all. I'll post photos if I take time to get online, but have a good week. I know I'm going too. Alan

"I Think They've Got It!"

In My Fair Lady Rex Harrison declares that Eliza Doolittle, "has got it!" as she works through her language lessons. Later after a royal snobbery of an affair he returns and with Pickering he sings of his triumphant by declaring, "I did it!" I always thought it was a Western thing to pull one over on those who believe they are "better than us". It's a well worn plot in movies from Wargames , to Ferris Buller's Day Off . It's celebrated in the success of the independent candidate in politics to the "little guy" sticking it to the big company. But at this year's Olympics, we've seen China also has this lesson down. Now I am not a China hater. I believe they are making better political decisions that in the past and that the nation is a necessary partner for commercial and social work in this century. They have human rights issues to be certain but they are a valid trade partner for us and the rest of the planet. Their future in
I have to send you to read the GA Junkie's latest post on "Modern Echoes of the Adopting Act". It won't be for everyone but if you're at all interested in the current unrest of the PC(USA) especially following the PUP report it's a good read. If you're interested in early Presbyterian history, how we got to where we are it's a good read. And if you've ever wondered what the who "scrupling" stuff was about it's a very good read. Thanks for the post Junkie. Alan