General Assembly Response

Well the GAC finally came out with a paper to answer the concerns of the New Wineskins and it isn't too much of a surprise. Take the time to read it but understand that they find nothing wrong with what's happened in the PCUSA. Of course they do throw those of us who don't agree a bone when they write, "...that there is always a gap between any denomination’s official positions and the views and practices of some ministers and members of that denomination."

Anyone who has read the statements of faith that come from those being received in our Presbyteries probably have realized this fact. I will say that they are quick in responding to comments. I emailed the link at the bottom of the PDF and got a response back in very short order.

Read it, respond to it and I'm sure they'll be more on this in the days to come.



  1. Alan,
    Can't see the link to your response. Curious to read it. Thanks, all the best..


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