I Hate Being Right

Two weeks ago I wrote:
Here's how it will pan out in the short term. The blessing of Ms. Bove will go ahead and be praised as a wonderful inclusive time of affirmation for her chosen life. Ms. Larges will most likely be accepted to move ahead to her "trials" by a narrow margin. It will depend on if the conservative congregations attend the meeting. An Dr. Capetz will be welcomed back into the ministry. I hope I'm wrong.
Unfortunately I wasn't wrong. In fact, I'm three for three. January 6 the blessing took place, Ms. Larges is now free, after a review of the process, to proceed to her trials of ordination and now Dr. Capetz has set the precedence that the section of the book of order which the PUP task force said wouldn't be affected has been set aside.

Anyone wonder who I'll be rooting for next Sunday in New Orleans?

I wish I had a sense of hope for our denomination. I wish that I sensed a turning toward Biblical integrity and faithfulness to our vows and creeds. When I hear comments like, "wait it out" or "it's not over" I get an uneasy feeling I'm hearing the voices of those crying, "Peace, peace when there is no peace. Once again I hope I am wrong, but I'm three for three.



  1. O.K. Alan, I'll bite - Who's going to win the SuperBowl? (Would it be fiscally responsible to invest some of the church funds down in Vegas?)

    Rich Strode

  2. Still holding for the Pats but I wouldn't bet the farm or even a chicken on it. LOL


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