A Tale of Two Presbyteries

The PC[USA] faces a sever lack of consistency among its beliefs. Some Presbyteries ordain openly practicing homosexual persons[1] others make statements that they will not ordain such persons. Some presbyteries have a list of essential tenets[2] and most don't.

On June 10th's Presbyweb[3] displayed this continued lack of meaningful "connectionalism" was loud and clear in two articles arranged literally over one another. The first is a letter, by Noel Anderson reporting how the Presbytery of San Joaquin unanimously dismissed Millbrook Presbyterian Church to the EPC with their property. Below this is a report from Presbyterian Layman about the Presbytery of Southern Louisiana and Woodlawn Presbyterian Church of New Orleans. The presbytery sought a "temporary restraining order" to keep the church from meeting to vote on seeking dismissal from the PC[USA]. The parish court denied presbytery's request.

Maybe it's my political science background coming out or maybe being 55 I just don't have time to play the games anymore; either way it's time to face the fact that we're busted, broken, split apart, torn asunder, dysfunctional or just plain stupid you choose.

Like the humpty-dumpty of legend, all of Cliff's horses and all of Cliff's men won't put this busted omelet back together again. The recent task force report hasn't accomplished anything approaching peace, unity or purity. In fact, it may very well be, the item that signals the end to any hope of unity within our denomination.

I'm not saying the PC[USA] will cease to exist. I'm not saying they won't see meaningful fruit produced for the kingdom of God. But I will say, without a shadow of a doubt that if we continue this fewer and fewer will listen to any claim of connectionalism seriously. What's more it will also only continue to fuel the separation that already exists.


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