There but for the grace of God...

This video is making the blog rounds and I understand the sentiments being dumped on Officer Cheeks. BUT, I can't help but wonder if the same segment of the American public would be aghast if Officer Cheeks confronted Ms. Cindy Sheehan of Camp Casey fame? I doubt it.

Background for where I'm going.
I've voted for 9 presidents.
I've liked and disliked most of them at one time or another.
I was raised a democrat, have often voted a party ticket and will die a democrat, although saved.
My undergraduate degree is in Political Science because I really like the chaos that revolves around political systems.
My politics are not where they once were and they aren't where they will be and that's okay with me.

For followers of Christ we walk a thin line between Acts 4:18-20 and Romans 13:1-8. Of the word and ideas that jump out at me are speak, teach, obey God, established by God, God's servant (3 times in Romans), pay taxes, respect, and honor.

God has been doing a number on me with how many times what I want, believe, think and feel are simply reflections of the fall in Genesis 3 and trying to be "like God." When you are tempted to blog, preach, "share your concerns" or protest for or against something.

Where does one's ego end and God's will, as revealed by His Spirit, begin? I've found usually these are mutually exclusive. Second, does what you plan to say, write or do fulfill Christ's law of love or are you just being mean? Imagine everything you said, thought and did were viewable on YouTube. What would your congregation; grandmother and friends think about you? Would it help or hinder God's people.

I feel for Officer Cheeks much as I do about Joe the plumber. They are folks caught up in the moment and demonstrated the fact that they are humans. And Americans will make them pay the price for that too.

Here are two prophetic words for the Body of Christ. Treat people with GRACE and of course Matthew 7. I have a second word for the People of God, don't be a butt about things. If we don't like something fine but don't confuse what we like with what God likes.

Peace out


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