Arguing with the Giants

Rev. Terry Jones is not my favorite pastor in the world. I would not attend his church nor would I ask him to preach for me. But I find myself in prayer for him as he faces the persecution from the media over his burning of a Koran. He claims no responsibility for the riots or death which have erupted following his actions.

I don't know if he's to blame or not. What I do know, is that the news media has NOT painted Rev. Jones with the same brush used on Mr. Kurt Westergaard who drew cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad a few years ago.

Twelve cartoons brought about a series of protests and riots by Muslims around the globe. Included among the actions were a mutual murder of Muslim and Christians by one another in Nigeria. Burning of various embassies and attacks on the US Airbase at Bagram Afghanistan.

Yet no where in the press can I find an interviewer asking Mr. Westergaard if he felt responsible for the deaths or outrage. However, Terry Jones has been asked the question repeatedly. I'd like to take claim for the insight as to why this has happened but I have to pass on a hat tip to elder Tim for his insight.

As he pointed out. The Danish cartoonist, Mr. Westergaard worked for who? My answer, the media. And who is reporting on the cartoons and Terry Jones? My answer, the media. And who has a vested interest in "free speech". My answer, the media... Oh, I get it.

When it threatens them it is a matter of free speech and people rally around them by supporting Denmark and the like. But, when it's some right-wing preacher it's throw him to the lion time in the old Colosseum tonight. Let me thank the news media for giving me just one more example to share with my sisters and brothers in Christ about why the news media isn't about news but about advertising.

I may not have done what you did Pastor Jones but I will pray for you as you are attacked.



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