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Di coding Di Vinci On May 19 th the church will come under the influence and questions of those who have fallen head-long into the DaVinci Code trap. I've read the book. It's not bad but it's not great and it certainly isn't anywhere close to historically accurate. With this in mind bookmark this page because Ben Witherington III has done a great job in confronting the myths about Scriptures which Dan Brown has foisted on an unaware public. What should the church do with the book and movie? Perhaps like me you'll wait till it comes out on DVD and then watch it. Red Cleric
It's sort of like Goldfinger... but without the smokescreen Remember the cool Aston Martin Bond drove in that 1964 classic. I know this 11 year-old wanted a car with all the cool gadgets and weaponry "Q" could stuff into it. If you believe the UCC (United Church of Christ) "Q" has become a fundy, bringing his technological innovation to those churches not as progressive as themselves. The UCC have created a church as make-believe and transparently phony as rear-screen projection in the 1960's. "The Ad the Networks don't want you to see" is how they are promoting it on their site . Having downloaded and watched it I considered my response, when I read Jim Berkley's comments who summed up my thoughts for me. So read his blog and understand that all I can add to it is "ditto."

Angela Davis all over again

So the Redwoods Presbytery has decided that Rev. [I use the title loosely] Spahr acted in accord with her conscience when she participated in two marriages involving gay couples. That's fantastic!* Let me get this straight…if a pastor feels that in hers/his conscience it's okay to do something that is contrary to the Book of Order and the Confession? Gee whiz, that's great news. Not only can liberals ordain gays and boycott McDonald's, but the evangelical's can refuse to ordain women or baptize infants. Isn't it wonderful how our denomination has become more and more like those we regard as less enlightened than us, like the Southern Baptist? (Just kidding Mike, and Cork). I think it's fair to say that this decision, if it stands and it probably will, has paved the way for pastoral choices that go far beyond anything ever thought of. I hope you read the comment by Redwoods Presbytery's attorney, "You have a situation where any minister anywhere can
Lent and the Word of God I thought it wonderful to read this blurb from Pope Benedict the XVI. It is a statement that all followers of Jesus can get understand and say "Amen!" too. Sadly there will be more people who "give up" something for Lent than who "add to" their spiritual health. "Speaking to a crowd of about 12,000 people in St. Peter's Square on Ash Wednesday, the Holy Father added to his prepared text with an extemporaneous meditation on the significance of Lent. He said that the Christian's life must be nourished by God's Word, which is always alive and true. During this penitential season, he recommended that the faithful rely on the Gospel to "reinforce your conscience with the truth," and thus "reject the lies that poison mankind and give rise to all evils."[1] Don't let Lent overwhelm you with all the usual stuff of springtime. Instead make time to prepare your heart to meet Christ in new and en