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The Prophet Harold said it...

Way back in the mid-90's HR Reverend Harold Kurtz met with a group of conservative pastors before the Presbytery of the Cascade's meeting. We were in Central Church, Eugene and it was following the General Assembly meeting. He simply told the group how he'd been at General Assembly and "everything changed". There was no removal of the 'authoritative interpretations' or repeal of the 'fidelity and chastity' clause. What he meant was that the place of the PC(USA) in the life of the world-wide Church had shifted. A year or so previously he told our church, his prior congregation , that "nothing had changed." When I asked him what caused this shift he told the group that the PC(USA) was not willing to listen to the vast history of the church in the rest of the world. He was right as the Presbyterian Church in Mexico has proven. At least the PC(USA) can take comfort in knowing that they know the real revelation of God... What did they