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Worship Planning 2.0

I'd love to sleep seven hours straight through without waking up but that's not my lot. So at 4 am I wake up and start thinking about what a reformation in worship would look like in this day and age. What I'm suggesting is not new. Heck, it's probably been around since Al Gore invented the internet [LOL] but then again I'm sometimes a bit slower than others are. So here goes. I'm proposing a way to develop a service of worship, sermon, environs, music and other aspects of worship. A couple of statements before we start HC stands for "Host Church" I'm not into psalms only, regulative principle, or going back to the 1500's as a model for worship. Some are called to do that, my predestination lies along another path The tools used to accomplish what I'm talking about are probably out there. I can think of Google documents, IM programs, GodTube , and probably a dozen more. This ALL HAPPENS UNDER A COVERING OF PRAYER. I'm not do

Cows with Guns

So it's been out a couple of years, but a high school senior sent this to one of my kids. Since this seems to have been a month of nothing too serious I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world. Makes me want to to McDonald's as I watch it. Alan

Oh the Places I've Been to....

Some have used this tool to show where they've been so I thought I'd add my two-cents worth visited 38 states (76%) Create your own visited map of The United States or determine the next president You can mark Alaska in 33 days... Alan

Keep Oregon Weird

Perhaps you've seen the bumper sticker "Keep Portland Weird" but the truth is, the whole state seems to be a bit "off the rails". Two recent articles demonstrate just how forward looking the state's health system has become. Barbara Wagner's cancer came back and she was told by letter, "Treatment of advanced cancer that is meant to prolong life, or change the course of this disease, is not a covered benefit of the Oregon Health Plan." But the same letter "that it would cover palliative, or comfort, care, including, if she chose, doctor-assisted suicide " (emphasis mine). If she were the only case one might figure it was a bureaucratic screw-up. Yet this not the case; Randy Stroup, 53-years-old found out a drug that could help make his last few months more bearable wasn't covered by the Oregon Health Plan. Like Barbara, he too, was offered coverage for suicide. Oregon will stop living wage jobs for the sake of an owl. Oregon

Video break

Hat tip to Stushie over at Presbyterian Bloggers . For your enjoyment and amazement I include the following video . Warning... This is cute Alan

New Widget for You

Just found a pretty cool widget and website for me. It is you can listen to some great music on line, IMHO. You can purchase CD's it will be easier than burning my records. And even publish a radio and play list on your blog or other sites. Mine is on the right and yes I have a weird selection of music in my playlist. If it works for you that's great. Alan

Happy Fourth

Took this at the USS Arizona Memorial a few years back. I tweaked the sky color but otherwise it is as it looked. Awesome place, awesome sacrifice, awesome nation. Have a great fourth. Alan