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The Truth about Easter

I looked for Matthew Ward's version of this but couldn't find it SIGH... Came back here because I ran across a great podcast in looking for Matthew Ward's version. It's called " full circle " and they're available on iTunes. Right now I'm listening to episode 117 which is playing the old classic musical "Firewind". If you like classic Christian music this is a great place to listen. Peace, Alan

Arguing with the Giants

Rev. Terry Jones is not my favorite pastor in the world. I would not attend his church nor would I ask him to preach for me. But I find myself in prayer for him as he faces the persecution from the media over his burning of a Koran . He claims no responsibility for the riots or death which have erupted following his actions. I don't know if he's to blame or not. What I do know, is that the news media has NOT painted Rev. Jones with the same brush used on Mr. Kurt Westergaard who drew cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad a few years ago. Twelve cartoons brought about a series of protests and riots by Muslims around the globe. Included among the actions were a mutual murder of Muslim and Christians by one another in Nigeria . Burning of various embassies and attacks on the US Airbase at Bagram Afghanistan . Yet no where in the press can I find an interviewer asking Mr. Westergaard if he felt responsible for the deaths or outrage. However, Terry Jones has been asked the questi