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General Assembly Response

Well the GAC finally came out with a paper to answer the concerns of the New Wineskins and it isn't too much of a surprise. Take the time to read it but understand that they find nothing wrong with what's happened in the PCUSA. Of course they do throw those of us who don't agree a bone when they write, " ...that there is always a gap between any denomination’s official positions and the views and practices of some ministers and members of that denomination ." Anyone who has read the statements of faith that come from those being received in our Presbyteries probably have realized this fact. I will say that they are quick in responding to comments. I emailed the link at the bottom of the PDF and got a response back in very short order. Read it, respond to it and I'm sure they'll be more on this in the days to come. Peace. Alan

Dilbert is a Presby…

So, one of my favorite cartoons is Dilbert and today's (Sunday the 10th) struck me as particularly Presbyterian. Because of copyright concerns I've not pasted the cartoon here but instead have pasted NEW balloons which you may cut out and use to see the denominational aspect of the carton. Have a good week all. Alan

Cascade's Process

It's on the table… The Presbytery of the Cascades has officially presented it's process for congregation's considering leaving the PCUSA. I received mine in my presbytery packet today. After making sure there were no major revisions from what I'd already received I post it for the enlightenment, edification and whatever else you may glean from it. (sorry for any formatting glitches) APPENDIX B: PROCESS FOR CONGREGATIONS CONSIDERING LEAVING THE PCUSA Preamble The mission of the Presbytery of the Cascades is to serve God by nurturing, supporting, and celebrating our common ministries. Even in times of conflict, we seek to uphold one another, respecting each other’s integrity as we perceive the Biblical basis and Christian credibility of varied perspectives. It is the Presbytery’s desire to encourage peace and unity while minimizing confrontation between and among its congregations and members as we seek together to find and represent the will of C