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Sometimes We Get it Right

If you'd read any of my blogs or know me you understand that I have some issues with the Presbyterian Church (USA) as a denomination. Admit the short-comings there are some things we do well and one of them is disaster relief. I was pleased to see the article about how our OGHS [One Great Hour of Sharing] money is already on the ground helping those who have suffered through the earthquake in Indonesia.  I hope you read it and keep those who grieve, who have survived and those who are helping in your prayers. Alan

It just might work...

Hope you'll read these two stories. The first is Berkeley's great article on the word games being played in preparation for General Assembly. The second, is about a New York court case concerning adultery. Now here's the great news for former pastor Tewell. He can simply claim that it's not against the Book of Order because he doesn't consider his seeking after other women a sin. Heck, I know half a dozen former pastors, many I considered good friends, who could get back in the denomination in a heartbeat if the ACC definition stands. Perhaps we should patent this idea and see if we can't sell it to our Roman Catholic brothers who are facing a whole bunch of grief over ordained staff who have preyed on others. It's a thought…

Teaching Tolerance in Portland: the Progressive style...

Ten thousand plus websites come up when you search "teaching tolerance" and Portland. Let Google search for "teach tolerance" and Portland and it drops to 1,300. Either way there are resources galore for those who are so inclined. But apparently they were lost on one poor progressive soul in front of Cleveland High School this May. Those Gideons who were at Cleveland were on the public sidewalk offering students a copy of the New Testament as they left school for the day. As usual, some took it and others didn't. Into this story enters our would-be progressive hero/savior. As I was told it , a truck pulled up with a man in it. He parked waiting for his children. My Gideon friend told me that he thought the guy could be trouble but he just went on with his distribution. After a while the man got out of his truck and went into the school to pick up his kids. He returned with the children, walking past the Gideon who offered a copy of the scripture to his children.

Immigration Reform for Believers

Immigration is a "hot button" issue today. Followers of Jesus are torn by the "christians" armed and waiting to report illegal's crossing the boarder to those who place water along their paths in order to keep them alive. The issue of amnesty, work visas and the like is a long, complicated and not really all that exciting a topic. However the Huntsville Times , ' Doug Mendenhall has a great vision on the topic. I urge you to take a read.