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Escaping the Night

  Concetta Antico is a rarity. She has a fourth type of cone in her eye which enables her to see some 99 million colors, where most of us see about a million, [1] An eagle can see a rabbit from about 2 miles away. Then again their vision is eight-times that of ours. Polar bears can track seals by smell for 20+ kilometers [2] . My dog, Missy, heard my dad’s truck turn onto our street which was about .2 of a mile. It gave her time to jump out of my dad’s chair, stretch, and leisurely greet him at the door. That’s because dogs hear higher frequencies than we do. Right now, few, if any of us give a thought about the sheer numbers of things that are touching us and we have no control over it. Various electromagnet waves from TV, radio, Wi-Fi, light, sound, and all the rest of a reality we can’t understand because it is hard to learn all that needs to be understood. And when you start thinking about quantum mechanics things get even more complicated in my case. Spiritual Reality I am