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Worth the reading...

Hat tip to Spyglass who shared a link to Jared Wilson's blog The Gospel-Driven Church . Click over and read these. He's putting 19 of 95 thesis for the Church. For those of you who do not know your history Martin Luther posted 95 thesis on the cathedral door in Wittenburg which pushed the Reformation to a new point. My take on these. There's something to make everyone wince. These hit home with me # 5, 8, 11, 14-19, 23-25, 32. He will write more tomorrow... Alan

One Step Closer

It's been hard to get this post up due to HTML errors and not a clue as to what they meant.... Sunday Kenton took a major step toward it's new incarnation as an Evangelical Presbyterian Church. About 2/3rds of our active membership [46] stayed for a congregational vote on Session's recommendation to seek dismissal to the EPC. The vote was 44-2 in favor, so letters will be written this week to Presbytery conveying the official request and we will be on the docket for November's meeting. What I want to do is take this opportunity to thank two groups of people. First is the Presbytery's Resolution Team. They did a great job working with Kenton. Soon into the process they realized that what was best for us was to see us dismissed with grace. They continue to work toward being our advocates during the upcoming Presbytery meeting. They were scattered over a wide distance which made some face-to-face meetings hard but they got the work done. The second group is Kenton'