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South Park and "Islam is Peace"

After last week's Cartoon Network cave-in to Islamic hate mongers the way is open for followers of Jesus to also demand their time of censure. Perhaps Jon Stewart's spin is right; it was done to protect the creators. However even among the Muslim community there are those who called this a " distraction ". Perhaps vague threats against shows that take pot shots at Jesus, make fun of Christians, use the name of God in vain or which promote witchcraft and the third-date rule. But alas that won't happen because in spite of the aberrations among those who call themselves Christians; Christianity is REALLY a religion of peace and love. Aberrations like white supremacists wand those who bomb abortion clinics and murder in the name of God are the exception not the rule. Followers of Jesus do not crash planes into Mecca on Hajj. Presbyterians don't plant car bombs outside of Baptist Churches on Sunday mornings. Lutherans don't gather in mobs and beat Catholics or

Prayer Pups Christian Comics

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Message from on high LOL

God wants to inform the ecumenical community of some upcoming plans which may affect their service. These changes are currently slated to begin Memorial Day weekend however some within the church may notice a change sooner. 1. God will not be present every Sunday at worship. He needs time to recharge His batteries by going to the lake, beach, mountains and camping. God wants the church to understand that he needs time for Himself too. 2. God will not be blessing His people during much of the summer months. He will try to be regular with His giving but sometimes there are unexpected events cause Him to run short or simply forget to pour them out. If this causes a problem please just "trust God to provide". 3. God will also not be offering forgiveness those weekends He is away. He asks the church to save up our sins the weeks He is not present and He will get to them once school starts. 4. God will not be doing much "saving of souls" during the summer. His busy s