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That's My King

If you haven't seen this check it out. I love it. Wish I had used it today in worship, but it's on my short list for next year to be sure. Peace Alan

Quick note--Thanksgiving

Ran across a great non sequitur cartoon on Wednesday. If you're too lazy to check the link here it is. I'm no longer a noob when it comes to the Portland Singing Christmas Tree. We had our first reheral in front of an audience and I felt much better about it. I'll be able to tell you more after Sunday night. There is a lot, LOT of standing, and with two performances this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I hope, Monday, I don't need assisted boarding for our flight to Oakland. Phyllis' father's service will be Monday afternoon so we're heading down and will come back Wednesday afternoon. In time for choir practice, the last four performances of the Portland Singing Christmas Tree and the beginning of Advent. We would appreciate your prayers through this busy time for us. God Bless and have a great tukeyday. Alan

Personal Down Time

Things are going to be a bit quiet on this front for a couple of weeks. My better 4/5ths and I are in Portland Singing Christmas Tree which has 10 performances starting Friday after Turkey Day through the Saturday, December 1. On top of this Phyllis and I received news today that her father passed so we will be going down to the Bay Area for the services. Keep us in your thoughts. Peace Alan

Another Presbytery takes action

Toby Brown has blogged about " Two Types of Presbyteries " and within 5 minutes of reading his blog I received the following letter from Rev. Brian Boisen, of Hope Presbyterian Church in Rouge River. Brian was in Sacramento with Rick and me, he is wonderful brother in the faith and a man of God. He's attempted to lead his congregation faithfully into and through difficult waters and…we'll I'll let you read what has occurred… Letter dated November 7, 2007 "My dear brothers and sisters in Christ and colleagues in His ministry, I wanted to get this note to you before you all gather for presbytery this weekend. I’m writing to let you know about what has been happening with our congregation, Hope Presbyterian Church in Rogue River, and I am doing it to honor our relationship and shared work over the past number of years, and because I am sure it will be discussed at presbytery. In a nutshell Hope has disaffiliated itself from the PC(USA) and placed itsel


The sermon's not coming along so I thought I'd sit and catch up on a few blogs. I'm not simple but I don't go in for multi page reads, usually. I want something short and sweet. But, being a kid from the 60's, I remember the beginnings of racial tensions. I recalled discussions and stories about the voting rights act. I remember watching the news during the "long hot summer" of riots. So when I came across the Thoughts and Actions blog I read it. No, it's not the whole story. No, it's not the total truth. Yes, it is one persons work and so acknowledged in the writing. But, it is a very well done overview of the issue itself from both sides. I encourage you to read it. Alan