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Transcript of Core Values Video

LONG POST... I took sometime Tuesday to come up with a transcript of a video linked on Presbyweb [see link here or below] video. I did the best I could though I'm quite certain I didn't punctuate it as they would have liked. A lot of sentences seemed to start with "And". As this seems to be the new party line from Louisville I hope to address several of the issues over the next few weeks. Here's the link to the video for you: Transcript… What is a denomination? Tom Taylor Deputy Executive Director for Mission General Assembly Council Joe, Charles it's good to be able to talk to you as I kinda travel around our denomination in various congregations around the country. And people are having a lot of questions these days about what our denomination's purposes and in some cases whether or not we even need a denomination. Maybe I might start with a question; what is a denominatio

I Hate Being Right

Two weeks ago I wrote : Here's how it will pan out in the short term. The blessing of Ms. Bove will go ahead and be praised as a wonderful inclusive time of affirmation for her chosen life. Ms. Larges will most likely be accepted to move ahead to her "trials" by a narrow margin. It will depend on if the conservative congregations attend the meeting. An Dr. Capetz will be welcomed back into the ministry. I hope I'm wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't wrong. In fact, I'm three for three. January 6 the blessing took place, Ms. Larges is now free, after a review of the process, to proceed to her trials of ordination and now Dr. Capetz has set the precedence that the section of the book of order which the PUP task force said wouldn't be affected has been set aside. Anyone wonder who I'll be rooting for next Sunday in New Orleans? I wish I had a sense of hope for our denomination. I wish that I sensed a turning toward Biblical integrity and faithfulness to our vow

Response to Toby [not disagreement]

The following was posted separately because of it's length. Long-windiness is one of my spiritual gifts. Toby's wish for a clear decision on the issue of PUP via Ms. Larges is a good and long sought after desire. Unfortunately as one who has filed charges as well as one who sat on PJC's it's not all that clear-cut. Here's what may or may not happen. The group that voted against the action of the Presbytery files a complaint alleging Presbytery took action that constituted an "irregularity" or "delinquency" [1] . Assuming the complaint is sustained [ agreed with ] Presbytery takes a "do over" and Ms. Larges comes back again to argue in favor of being declared, "Certified to receive a call". If not sustained, then those who complained at first can appeal. Assuming an appeal, it will be with the Synod of the Pacific's PJC [the same that refused a stay in Kathleen Morrison's ordination and merely slapped Ms Spahr&

Everything HAS Changed

And so it starts. Lisa Larges was approved to move toward ordination. The reported vote wasn't overwhelming, 167-151 but of interest to those who believed the blather from those on PUP is the statement from TAMFS "A 2006 action of the national Presbyterian church allowed Presbyteries some greater freedom in determining whether open lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons can be ordained." Here's a question for us. Did they lie? Did then not know what they were doing? Were they deceived by others into thinking they were telling the truth? We're they stupid of the way politics works? You can guess what I'd answer! I've told our congregation that the matter of active homosexual ordination is not the disease but merely a symptom. We don't believe the same things. We don't have the same views of reconciliation, salvation, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the authority of Scripture. We might say we believe this or that but it's a lie

PUPbecomes a Big Dog

Eight months after the "PUP" report was approved the General Presbyter of Northern New England Presbytery, Rev. Richard Wyatt, attempted to convince those who sought to leave to stay in the PC(USA). His Presbyterian Outlook article in February assured us, "The 1978/1979 AIs [ authoritative interpretations ] and G-6.0106b are in full force." He echoed the party line spoken right after its approval in 2006, We have the same standards," Kirkpatrick continued, "and now a process that encourages a more pastoral approach to ordination and encourages our governing bodies to do thorough work in examining people for office." Gray underscored Kirkpatrick's comments, "Our standards have not changed. The Book of Order has not changed. Oh the difference a few months make. It is amazing that such things could be said when at the very time it was happening we had a minister member of Redwoods Presbyter, Ms. Kathleen Morrison

I'm not lazy; I'm sharing the wealth

It's been my hope to blog more consistently this year. So much for that thought. Instead I've come across a couple of very interesting blogs from others that I am linking too because they've already said it and I'm too lazy to cut and paste a whole article... LOL On Listening to Sermons check out Presbyterian Thoughts or go directly to the survey link . I should tell you there is one for preachers to take too. Another interesting blog today came from The Presbyterian Polis . It is NOT denominational but shares 10 things about the future of the church from a very thoughtful Len Sweet . Hope you take the time to check these out. They are well worth the look. Peace Alan