Everything HAS Changed

And so it starts. Lisa Larges was approved to move toward ordination. The reported vote wasn't overwhelming, 167-151 but of interest to those who believed the blather from those on PUP is the statement from TAMFS "A 2006 action of the national Presbyterian church allowed Presbyteries some greater freedom in determining whether open lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons can be ordained."

Here's a question for us. Did they lie? Did then not know what they were doing? Were they deceived by others into thinking they were telling the truth? We're they stupid of the way politics works? You can guess what I'd answer!

I've told our congregation that the matter of active homosexual ordination is not the disease but merely a symptom. We don't believe the same things. We don't have the same views of reconciliation, salvation, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the authority of Scripture. We might say we believe this or that but it's a lie at worse and naivety at best.

If steps were taken tomorrow to make sure that only those who lived up to our constitution were ordained it wouldn't cure the deeper illness. It would be like taking cough syrup to cure lung cancer.

I pray for San Francisco Presbytery and those involved in the struggle for orthodoxy in my old stomping grounds. I pray too for the rest of us in whose name Ms. Larges will be ordained.



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