COLD in Portland

This last Sunday, December 14, 2008, was the Third Sunday of Advent. It was nice about 7:30 when I got to church. It was NOT as nice at 9:30 when I recorded a message on the answering machine and it wad down right NASTY by worship at 11 am. I anticipated as much since I only ran off 30 bulletins.

We were blessed with an impromptu performance from a guest pianist as the faithful members of Kenton showed up regardless of the nasty weather. Didn't get a count but it was at least 40 there during worship. The video which is embedded was taken about an hour after worship. One of our more senior couples drove to worship...[not smart] so Joe drove them home and I followed him and brought him back to worship. That is when I decided to film this.

It's been up on my Facebook but some of you don't have that so here it is.



  1. Hanging in the 70's here.... Even soaked some shrimp yesterday and turned them into redfish!

    Merry Christmas (we'll be running the AC if tradition holds).

  2. Weird, this past Sunday, we arrived for Sunday School at 9:15am, it was 29 degrees, you can see your breath, and I had to chip off ice and snow from one of the entrances.

    After 11am worship, we walked outside it was 49 degrees, and snow was melting all over the place.

  3. Ran the AC during the second service this week.

    man that's "cold" lol


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