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Winds of Change

My better .9 has been officially unemployed since April. It may be hard to imagine an RN not being able to find work and I'm sure her 'experience' and the fact she was the top of the pay-scale for her prior employer had nothing to do with it. But she has a job starting September 19. Among the changes for her is a new company with different ways of doing things and for the first time in her professional life she'll have to commute to work more than 5 miles. I mention this because since May of 2010, and the death of my mother, our life has been one big change after another. As we all know change is not always positive. And around our area are many people facing changes that are difficult. Marriages are ending, loved ones have possible fatal cancer, schools are in upheaval, jobs aren't there, and cars aren't running. Anyone older than 20 have had such things happen. Our experience through this [I wish I could say I was always upbeat and positive about God's