Friday, July 31

WOW and I'm not talking the game.

Updated August 4, 2009 because I thought the picture was worth the work.

Here's a little news story that I haven't seen on Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, or the other pundits of either liberal or conservative. Florida court rules Fox News can lie.

The reason no one mentioned this is quite obvious, it's money. If the Russ' and O'Reilly's can lie then they'll get more people upset and sell more advertising. If the New York Times or NBC can lie then they can sell more advertising and make us either feel better or more worried about things.

When I mentioned this to Mr. J, my youngest, he said, "What, that's just stupid." And his succinct, insightful and thoughtful response was exactly right. One comment on the Fox news was great, "they should change their motto from "Fair and Balanced" to "Telling You What You Want to Hear."

Does is surprise you that the yellow journalism of Hurst fame is now legally protected? And what's more if you don't lie, spin, direct or edit a show in such a way to make the editor happy you can get canned for it.

It doesn't surprise me because as a follower of Christ I am well aware of how nasty, cruel and evil people are. I also realize that this decision makes perfect sense in light of the way our culture is going where truth is malleable, relative and never true.

So chew on this and when you watch your evening news just remember seeing is NOT believing.