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When Debates become Old Hat

My oldest boy and I were talking prior to the debate about the candidates and how one goes about deciding for whom to vote. At the time I was wasting time by playing Civilization Complete and the idea hit both of us that what we needed was to see the candidates in action. I propose two five to six hour sessions. The first would be on domestic policy and administration with the second to focus on world politics. The first would involve both candidates playing SimCity and the second Civilization Conquests. I understand that Obama, being younger would have a leg up on McCain, but then Palin would have more city experience that Biden. All in all I think it would even out. During the play time they would NOT be allowed to have handlers coaching them on their next play, build or move. They would NOT be allowed to use crib sheets or have a walk through guide with them. Like most of us they would have to muddle through and hope for the best. The play would be on personal computers of


I'm starting a series of sermons/worship with each of the New Wineskin's Essential Tenets as the topics. Now that won't do much more than raise a yawn from most people but I thought I'd share something I ran across today as I was googling around the old internet. It's an old post from a Portland pastor dealing with different viewpoints when it comes to theology. It's a bit long but read it, take some time and play a tune on a harmonica while coyotes yip in the fall air, you'll understand when you read the link. Here's to all of us who are writing like mad for Sunday. Alan