Five Golden Rings...

It is now the fifth day of Christmas… you know “5 golden rings”…OK so they’re not gold but there on NBC, MSNBC and the internet are the Olympic rings in all their glory.  Now I’m more into the summer games than the winter. Phyllis has settled in for the next two weeks. She’ll root for her favorite skaters, gripe at the judges and just enjoy herself. She made a good attempt at downhill skiing and it wasn’t for her. She would still like to try the luge, better her than me.
I guess what I find interesting is how content she is as she watches it.  There’s no big production. There’s no big deal. She is simply happy with her show.

How come more of us aren’t that way when it comes to life in general? Is there something in our sinful make up that makes us desire more than we have. Is there something that keeps us from being content with the mercy and graces Christ has given us?  

I don’t know about you all but I understand the difference between “joy” and “happiness”. (If you haven’t realized it yet they have very little to do with each other) But the idea of contentment is a growing edge for my life.

Well I guess I’ll wrap this up and go sit with my wife.



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