God sighting and Ads by Google

I ran across a news release about the Jesus' Seminar's traveling dog-and-pony-show that is taking place in Tennessee. I've read some of John Shuck's blogs*, he's the pastor at First Presbyterian of Elizabethton and I'd judge him as one who probably has a question or two about the existence of God let alone Jesus' divinity.

What caught my attention was the side bar of "Ads by Google". I was immediately drawn to the fact that I could apply most of them to the press release in the article. Then I had to wonder if God wasn't trying to say something. You'll find the actual screen shot as separate post "God and Ads by Google.

Kingsport Foreclosures—probably a service the Presbyterian Church may consider when Jesus Seminar type theology [I use that word very loosely] gains full sway.

Kingsport Tn Job—the source of Shuck's next job such as school counselor, office manager or at-large Presbyterian spiritualist.

Bristol Tennessee—Don't really know about the E-bay ad unless it's the Presbytery's method of choice for selling the property that they believe they own.

Bethel Baptist Church and Come Worship with Us—two groups who recognize that those who read articles like this and would even consider going are in need of a valid, life-transforming relationship with Christ Jesus.

Maybe God isn't in the ad placement business but if not then this is one heck of a coincidence. Be of good cheer, those who might be tempted by the pseudo-theology in groups like 1st Presbyterian of Elizabethton and the Jesus Seminar aren't right. They aren't the majority. And their future is just as secure as those who are followers of Jesus.


*shuck and jive

This sort of post will raise one's blood pressure


  1. Hi Alan!

    Thanks for the plug! Nice to meet you. It might be a drive for you to come to Tennessee for this JSOR, but they usually have one every year in Portland. Say hi to Bruce Cameron for me. Unless he has moved, I think he is in your presbytery, Cascades, right?

    Lovin' Jesus,


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