Generational Differences

WOW, and I'm not talking about the Vista release, this was on January 23, 2007 and shows the difference between the next/current generations. Nothing on the site says anything about the sample size but a little searching on the Pew website and I found out it's based on 1501 interviews done September and early October last year.

Quick thoughts.

1. If this is valid then the parents of Gen Next have done as bad a job as other parents in instilling the care for others into their children. I am the father of three Gen Next'ers and I apologize for my role in any of these findings.

2. If this is valid then it's probably a good thing the Democrats won so that the state can take care of people because it seems the people don't give a rip about others.

3. If this is valid the vast majority of those in Gen Next are going to be sadly disappointed with their life. That means the opportunity to reach them for Christ will happen when the disillusionment sets in, I hope.

4. Both of these seem to go a long way in explaining a "commercial" mindset to seeking a congregation to attend. It may also explain part of the lack of joining that seems prevalent in these groups.

5. I would love to see this over against the "busters" and "boomers" or whatever the latest name is for my age.

May God preserve our nation and His Church through this time.
Here's the link to the report, HTML andPDF.


  1. It is interesting how the pendulum swings. 60's activism, 70's-80's "Me generation", Gen-X neo/quasi-ascetism. So now they want it all now.... How do you convince them that eternity is all?

  2. Now we know why Paris Hilton is considered a celebrity!


    See you in Orlando! Are you ready to see the sun again?


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