Home at Last

Among the more faithful expressions of the faith is Johnny Hart whose ministry in this last decade or so has upset, comforted, enlightened and blessed many. He drew comics. BC and The Wizard of Id were his tools.

"BC" was a powerful expression of Johnny's faith in Christ. Our politically correct and fearful Oregonian pulled the comic years ago because of its Christian content. I got to read him via the net and Washingtonpost [kudos to them].

Without shame or apology, I'll admit that I've printed out his comics and put them on bulletin boards at our church. His Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter comics were usually able to summarize the truth in a quick easy manner.

Yesterday, for some reason, I didn't even look at his comic. Instead, during our cantata I thought, "Dang, I was going to get that and put it on the door."

God bless you Mr. Hart. You've done good. You've blessed the Body of Christ. Peace to your wife and daughters. I pray for more like you to take up the pen.




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