Celebrate with me!

Being a life-long SF Giant fan there has been little to excite one this season.... except!!!



  1. If I confess to being a die-hard Angels fan are you going to take me off your blog list? :) Dave's a die-hard Red Sox fan so things should be getting interesting around our home soon!

    Have fun celebrating!

  2. This is that whole place of whether there is grace for those who have NOT seen the light yet!? I will defer on the issue of "REAL" salvation till I stand before that great orange and black throne in heaven and see my Lord dressed in his finest Giants gear...

    Then we shall see clearly...

  3. Just as long as we are agreed that no matter what uniform the Lord may be wearing in heaven, it won't be that of the Yankees.

    Pinstripes are the uniform of choice in the other place.

  4. Great moment Alan. If I wasn't a Mariners fan, I'd be a Giant fan.



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