First Admendment Suit

Orange County Register reports:

"Mission Viejo sophomore Chad Farnan and his parents filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Corbett alleging the Advanced Placement European history teacher made anti-Christian remarks during class in violation of the First Amendment's establishment clause, which prohibits the government from promoting religious intolerance."

Apparently Chad taped his teacher's comments. Some claim they are out of context. Others claim he's violated the First Amendment separation clause. Some current and former students what to keep Mr. Corbett while a smaller group wants to see him fired.

All I know about the case is what I've read in the OC Register and elsewhere. What I wonder about is whether the same support would have been shown for Chad had he decided to write a paper with Jesus as the main subject matter. My first thought is not!!!

Students First Amendment rights aren't protected at school. A number of rulings have shown this to be the case when it came to "freedom of speech". Newspapers, tee-shirts and other censorship takes place on a regular basis in schools. Should it surprise us that there is a dual standard when it comes to "freedom of religion"?

With this last weekend before Christmas on us let's remember that the baby, born to us, Emmanuel, Lord of Heaven and Earth; the one we worship said, "if they persecuted me they will persecute you". We should expect it, not be surprise by it, and embrace it for it is just another sign that we are our Lord's


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  3. Nothing that I have found from the news media. There is a Youtube interview with Chad with Bill O'Reilly []

    What I find more interesting was a note in the blog

    About half way down the author writes about other times this teacher got in trouble. Hope you had a great Christmas and are having a good New Year.



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