RIP Larry Norman

Larry is one of those who was never afraid to call us to truth. Before there was emergent there was Larry. Take heart Presbys there are those who hold to One Way.

He was in chapel at Fuller Seminary and lambasted us for not being out in the streets talking to the world about Jesus instead of sitting in class. I remember feeling somewhat embarrassed for him and defensive for those us paying good money for our education. The truth was that he was probably much more right than I gave him credit for.

Loved his life, Loved his witness and Loved his music.



  1. Larry Norman was Christian counter-culture!
    "Why don't you look into Jesus"

  2. I spent a good hour and a half last night on Youtube just watching the Larry Norman vids and memorials. He was a bit before my time, but gotta say- had a tear in my eye when i watched "Sitting in the Kitchen" and thinking about where he is now.

    From what I understand he was a complicated guy with some serious relational issues and hangups. But, I couldn't help but think how domesticated I am- the pastorate is- the church is- relative to his music. I concur with your reflection.

    And yeah, "Why don't you look into Jesus" has gotta be one of the all time greatest songs. I also like "Put your life in the nail scarred hands"-- man, those are some powerful images.

    Thanks Alan.


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