218th General Assembly

This is one of those posts that is SO denominationally oriented many of you will have fallen asleep already... that's okay, it's not for everyone. I wanted to give everyone a heads up for a couple of sights that you need to be aware of.

First is http://www.pc-biz.org/ This has all the business of the General Assembly on it and you can actually follow it as it goes through committee. It should have the final reports too as they area generated. Having said that, it's not up right now [8 pm PDT Saturday, June 21, 2008]. But I anticipate they will get the problems worked out since this is how the commissioners to GA are getting their information. You do have to register for this site but if you're interested in how some things turn out it will be well worth your time.

This site will be important for Monday and Tuesday as the committees meet and do their work.

Second is http://www.pcusa.org/ga218/schedule/streaming-schedule.htm which allow you to watch the action at General Assembly real-time. The schedule shows the business meetings beginning in earnest on Wednesday in the afternoon. As boring as it sounds to some of you, yours truly will be glued to his computer watching GA. Of interest to me are the issue of Israel, the nFOG [new form of government] and the annual posturing and fighting over ordination issues.

BTW if you haven't discovered GA Junkie's blog yet do so. He will keep you informed of everything going on at GA. He also covers the real kirk [Scotland], EPC and a few others. He's well worth the read.

Remember you only get to have this fun every two years in the PC(USA). I anticipate I'll be enjoying a more annual event next year.



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