Pre or Post Poodle?

As a pastor I've had to deal with the tough question of whether or not our pets go to heaven when they die. I try to be consoling to the kid who lost their guppy, puppy, kitty or whatever and still be somewhat theological consistent.

But now, the ultimate question has been answered. What happens to your pets when Hal Lindsey [that dates me] is right and the RAPTURE occurs. A hat tip from Jack, a OLD senior high kid from seminary day sent me Eternal Earth-Bound Pets.

I don't if I'm more concerned for the Christ followers who will fork out the money or for the spiritually blinded who are willing to take the money and run. All I know is that it is just too doggone funny to not share.


  1. Now that's a hoot!

    I'll bet there will be people who will pay for this.


  2. Good grief ... its a great way to make money, and not have to worry about providing services.

  3. Who you callin' OLD?? LOL!


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