Church History in 4 minutes

I wish I'd had done this but hat/tip to Rev. Bosco Peters of New Zealand for blogging and tweeting this video...



  1. Pretty good! Not sure how Obama or the Obama girl landed a spot in a 4 minute Church history, but pretty good!

  2. Thanks for reposting my video!... I made this as a gift for our senior pastor when he finished up a 21 week sermon series on church history (1 century per week), so it's focused around the topics he covered.

    (And @ Kevin -- I don't even know who or what the "Obama girl" is, but Obama's there, along w/ many other images, to go w/ the lines "Overwhelmed by information, who will save this generation". Just a visual comment on the line.)

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Janet, being a Lost fan, my personal favorite was the picture of John Locke for John Locke.


  4. John Locke was hilarious. At first I said, "Huh?" then I got it.

    @Janet, Google "Obama girl." It sure looked like she flashed on their for a second just before or after the President. Again, I said, "huh?"

    But if you made the video and never heard of her, it must have been someone else, acting Obama girlish.

  5. @Kevin -- Googled "Obama girl," and nope, had no idea who she was, and there's no shot of her in the video. (There is a fraction-of-a-second neck down shot of a girl wearing a t-shirt that says "too much information" -- maybe that's what you saw?)

    Glad you liked John Locke! I couldn't resist...


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