A Sobering Time

My mother passed from this life to eternity May 23rd. The cause of death won't be known till the toxicology screen is back from the coroner's office. We got the news of the fire in her mobile home as we were waiting to return from our vacation. It had been a time of celebration and relaxation up till the call.

One night home in our own beds then off to Sacramento we drove. Many people in Portland and elsewhere were praying for us as we started the process of dealing with the details of her death. God answered the prayers of people. God used my mom's chief care-giver Christina to do so much it's amazing. God oversaw some the issues with my mom's CD's as well as with the insurance she carried on the place.

All-in-all it the last week has been a heck-of-a lesson on watching God work. Is there more to do? Sure. Will there be set backs and road blocks? I'm sure there will be. But the fact remains that God's in charge and that's the best news we can hear no matter what we're facing.

I covet your prayers and thoughts for myself and our family.



  1. I am so sorry Alan,
    I did not know. Iwill be praying for you. May God confort and keep you.

  2. I know some time has passed since your mother's home going, but you've had my prayers all along. Be blessed as you deal with the loss of your mom.

  3. Thank you both for your prayers. It has been a strange time for me to go through this. Got two memorial services in the work. And a truckload of insurance stuff. Peace to you both.



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