So, I've got a new toy/tool which has taken me a bit more time than I wanted to get tweaked. Found the jump to Windows 7 to be a bit of a learning curve since everything else I have is XP or older, but I'm moving up the curve.

A couple of things I've discovered with the new computer:

1. The handwriting recognition is much better on Win 7 than XP and it wasn't too bad on XP. If it can read my scribbling it can read anyone.

2. I'm not putting all the programs I've ever owned on this one. It's getting the necessary ones-- Office; Logos 4; Nero; Acrobat; Avast; NIV Study Bible and a couple of others

3. I hate the HP junk at the beginning of the boot up. Desk management or whatever they call it is "fill-ware" [there are other names for it]. I'd be willing to do an total reinstall if I could get rid of that stuff.

It's a nice computer. Hopefully it will let me do what I need it to do with less hassles than the old Motion 1400 [it is now a home e-book reader] or my kid's old Gateway tank of a convertible.

Hope your Mother's Day went well



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