21st Century Immigration

Leonard Sweet makes us of the model of immigrant and native in describing two approaches to the digital and post-modern age in which we are living. In an interview Leonard says,
"I find that it is especially helpful for getting some people to think in a new way. I say this first, and then I backtrack from it. I am just going to make a generalization here. If you are over 30, you are an immigrant. If you are under 30, you are a native."

Read the whole interview to see it in context

Part of the application of this principle is how one connects with the world in which they live. How does an unchurched person look, act, talk and behave. In addition, what are they "into".

This all leads into something I heard today on a Portland, "Family Friendly", the new watchword for Christian radio station. The morning team were talking about how many families have DVR's and were using them to record the new shows that are premiering this week.

Then they show amazingly how totally "out of touch" they are with the world in which they live as they listed show after show about which neither of them had heard. It sounds harsh but I have a sinking feeling quite a few followers of Christ really don't care if others are damned to hell. We can become aware of what's happening without embracing and approving of it. Paul certainly did that when he spoke about Roman games.

Our Lord told us to go and make disciples of all nations not just our family and friends. We are ordered to make disciples of all nations not just those who look and talk like us. We are commanded to make disciples of all nations not just those who read the same books, listen to the same music and watch the same movies.


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