Nobel Prize and Evangelism

How many pastors have told their members, either in a sermon or individually, that the best message to share about Christ is their own. Now we have scientific proof, of a kind.

Two physicists discovered a simple, one atom thick, piece of graphite [graphene]is more powerful than they ever thought. Their method of discovery was unique too. They didn't use "multibillion-dollar particle accelerators and orbiting telescopes" but "Andre Geim, 51, and Konstantin Novoselov, 36, both of the University of Manchester, laid the foundation for their discovery with an ordinary piece of Scotch tape"

The simple stories are the powerful ones. Our stories may not sound like something from the 700 Club, Guidepost or Decision but, assuming the presence of the Holy Spirit working, they have the ability to share what God has done for us to those in our world. A few fish [John 6, Matthew 15, Mark 8], a couple of coins [Mark and Luke 12] or being faithful in the little things [Matthew 25] each lead to big things with huge consequences.

Take time to reflect on YOUR STORY of how Christ has touched and changed you. List down three things that are different now, because of Jesus. Ask God to show you who needs to hear your story. Share your story with those to whom God leads. Trust God for the results.



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