Harold was right!

It's been a long-time since I posted and I only have me to blame for not taking the time. School is over for this year so maybe I'll be able to start this discipline again.

More than a few years ago Rev. Harold Kurtz spoke to a group of renewal minded pastors and elders in Cascades Presbytery and told us that changing our ordination standards would harm world mission. Once again his mission minded heart and head was right. The Mizoram Synod in India has decided they don't need to be united with a group who goes, in their words, "against the Biblical truth".

My prayer for my former denomination would be that those who have been redeemed might once more take the helm and guide them back under the authority of God's Word. That those who have fallen victim to the gossip of the ages might once more hear God's Holy Spirit speak to their souls.

God's peace on you all as you gather for your General Assembly.




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