Smoking #2 Are you kidding me?

Oh my goodness…. Do you know what brought down President Nixon? It was his failure to admit that he had interfered with the investigation. Do you know what made President Clinton a joke? It was the fact that everyone one knew he was lying and he just wouldn't own up to it. Now we have Davis Perkins explanation as to why the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation trying to explain publishing Griffen's book by saying, "the arguments supporting those claims merit careful consideration by serious-minded Christians and Americans concerned with truth and the meaning of their faith."

Did Perkins even read the "Venus Project" website in which Griffen explains where he got his interesting view of 9/11? And so more than 1/3rd of Americans polled believed that "federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them" that out of 1,010 people polled. I imagine a third of the people believe we never landed on the moon; that Area 51 hid aliens; that the National Enquirer is a legitimate news source; and that WWF is actually real. It doesn't mean that they are right. It just means that a third of them don't quite get it.

It seems after reading Griffen's own statements as to how he became convinced of the governments involvement that he is at best an example of what it means to allow free speech in the US and at worse someone who probably wears tin-foil hats to keep the NRO from reading his mind at night.

If the PPC would just admit that it was a dumb decision and take the hit they'd find a lot more people respecting them the next time they want to publish something of laughable theology.



  1. I wonder if the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation also believes Bush was behind the flooding of New Orleans so as to destroy the homes of innocent black people and drive them from the city! You're right. This is laughable. It's really worse than that, of course; but nothing this denomination does shocks me much any more.


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