Help for the Artisically Challenged

I have a bit of artistic sense but not a great deal of talent. I know what colors are and my male volcaulary of colors include "peace", "aqua" and "seafoam". But I am not one who can make the photos I want come out like I saw it. Heck, as a kid, I had trouble with the color by numbers sets.

That's why I ran across a site that is better than nice, it's useful. It has free PowerPoint and backgrounds for screen use. Yes, I know PowerPoint may not be cutting edge in a world of flash, CGI and other digital art but you use what you've got. For some congregations PowerPoint is radical. This site, offers a lot to consider and look over.

I'm not affiliated with them at all but just thought I'd pass on the help where I find it. BTW if you're sick of either alternative Christian music, or the constant appeals for money that seem to be the stapel of "commercial free" Christian radio. A local Portland/Vancouver station has started webcasting. Check out and hit the "listen live" button.

Hope both or either help you on your journey with Jesus


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