Prayer Summits and Coming Home

Just returned from the Portland Pastor’s Prayer Summit at Cannon Beach and first of all I will talk in only vague generalities and speak of myself to preserve those who were also there. Here’s my list of observations about the time:

  1. It was memorable, not in an earthshaking sort of way, but in the quiet, deeply touching way.

  2. It was touching. I had the opportunity to be supported by a brother in Christ in a way that I’ve missed for a long time. Part of that was a sense of being set free enough to do something about the areas in which I sense the Lord speaking to me.

  3. I was affirmed in my decision to cultivate relationships with those outside of my denominational box. There is a wealth of experience, love, support, ideas and thoughts out there which are not labeled “Presbyterian”. And much of it is very good.

  4. I will go back again.

There is little to add to this. I’m working on a piece about the twisted state of the environmental climate here in the Portland area. When I have my evidence in hand you’ll hear about it first, even before the Willamette Weekly.



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